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Time Lords! We've Got Time Lords!!

Jul 01 2017
Time Lords! We've Got Time Lords!!

Here it is! Finally, after 250 episodes and five and a half years, in the sixth episode of The War Games we finally hear the phrase "Time Lords". It still won't be concretely associated to the Doctor until tomorrow's viewing, but as a viewer we finally have a name for the Doctor's people. From a historical perspective it is a huge moment, even if it is treated almost as an aside in the story itself.

Let's talk about that.

The War Games - Episodes 5 & 6

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

The gist of the fifth episode is that Zoe is briefly captured, and during her interrogation by the Security Chief she sees the faces and locations of all of the known resistance fighters through the different time zones. Also, the Security Chief begins to doubt the War Chief's ultimate loyalties -- largely because the War Chief is an egotistical prick who spends all his time berating everyone he comes into contact with. We do learn, however, that the War Chief left his own people and brought with him the technologies being used in the current war games, including the devices that seem very similar to the TARDIS. Meanwhile, back in the American Civil War time zone, Jamie winds up hijacking one of those devices and brings some troops along with him to infiltrate Central HQ. For his troubles, he is apparently shot dead at the end of the episode upon arrival.

Of course in the sixth episode it is revealed that Jamie was merely stunned, and is now a captive of the bad guys. There is much angst and running around, and the Doctor is able to de-program Major Carstairs. Of course they also rescue Jamie, and then come up with a plan to use Zoe's knowledge to gather together all of the resistance fighters into a single force. Zoe gets sent ahead to start gathering the rebel troops, while the Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs go back to get the brainwashing machine. Unfortunately, before they can escape with it they are ambushed by the War Chief. This is the point that the War Chief wonders if the Doctor might actually be a Time Lord like himself. Anyway, remember the thing all the way back in The Meddling Monk where the Doctor futzed with the internal dimensions of the Monk's TARDIS, shrinking the inside and making it impossible to use? Well, the War Chief does the same thing to the transport unit that our three heroes presently occupy, such that the walls and ceiling start shrinking in. If a few more moments they will be crushed!

Today's viewing was another case where I fully expected there to be story padding and plate-spinning to keep the plot drawn out, but it really didn't feel like that to me. There continues to be forward motion in the plot, with each of the characters learning new details and expanding their motivations and actions. I also admit that I let out a squeal the first time that Time Lords were mentioned, as I wasn't expecting that until tomorrow. I know that it is the eight episode where the Doctor finally reveals some of his own back story, but here we are with a huge unexpected milestone today. It's hard to believe that I only have two days left with the Second Doctor's era.


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