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Fifty Years in Four Hundred and Ninety Four Days

Fifty Years in Four Hundred and Ninety Four Days

When I started this ridiculous project on February 20th of last year, I deliberately didn't calculate how long it would take. I guessed a little over a year, and it turns out to be more like a year and a half. Today, though, I hit a huge milestone. Today I watched the 50th Anniversary special, meaning that as of this morning I have watched a full fifty years of Doctor Who in four hundred and ninety four days. Wow. With only one Eleventh Doctor story left, I only have the Twelfth Doctor era left to go through. I just double-checked my count, and I must have missed something the last time I worked it out. I need to finish by Monday, August 6th because I have a work trip that begins on the 7th and I want to have a clean break. But I just counted it out,and if I miss no days and watch one episode per day I won't finish until August 8th. That means I have to double up on at least two days. It looks like Under the Lake / Before the Flood would be a good double fallin ...

Lots of Planets Have a North!

Lots of Planets Have a North!

And here we are. After three hundred and eighty seven days on the Time Treadmill, I have finally arrived in the twenty first century with NuWho. It hardly seems possible. For me it was only two days ago that I said goodbye to the classic series, but those forty eight hours represent a sixteen-year jump from 1989 to 2005. It's a whole new world. But before I dove into the Ninth Doctor, I decided to spend an extra seven minutes with the Eighth Doctor.

So let's talk about them both.

Now With Car Chases and Kissing. Dear God, the Kissing...

Now With Car Chases and Kissing. Dear God, the Kissing...

This morning was my second-longest duration on the Time Treadmill in one go, trailing behind The Five Doctors by one minute. From here on out it is all either standard 45 minute stories, or else the Christmas and other specials that all run at a straight 50 minutes. I do not expect to ever be on the treadmill again for this ridiculous project for as long as I was this morning. Which is nice. This morning also marked the end of twentieth century content for this project. Tomorrow morning I jump ahead nine years to 2005. 

But that's tomorrow. For today, let's talk about the curiously American interpretation of Doctor Who.


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