One fat geek's SUCCESSFUL attempt to regenerate into a not-so-fat geek by watching the entirety of Doctor Who while walking on a treadmill

Brought to You by La Gestión Turismo de Sevilla

Feb 04 2018
Brought to You by La Gestión Turismo de Sevilla

My arm is marginally better today. If I wasn't traveling to Colorado in two days I wouldn't be worried at all, but as it is I am probably going to go see a doctor tomorrow just in case. I don't want to be stuck in the Rocky Mountains for a week wishing I had seen a doctor before I left. Then again, I guess if I need something to help me relax in Denver...

Anyway, I also watched the last part of The Two Doctors today, so let's talk about that.

The Two Doctors - Part 3

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

Fully two thirds of the last episode takes place in and around the city of Seville, Spain, and it is glorious. The Second Doctor gets a blood transfusion with the Androgum chef (because of Reasons), devolves into an Androgum, and the two of them dress up in jaunty top hats and tails in order to visit a Seville restaurant and eat an eighteen course meal. Meanwhile the Sixth Doctor, Jamie, and Peri run around the city looking for Two and avoiding the mad scientist and the evolved Androgum. Also meanwhile, the two Sontarans plot to blow up their own spacecraft and make off the a faux TARDIS that doesn't work nearly as well as they think it does.

It is a joy to watch Patrick Troughton mugging it up while he waxes eagerly about fine dining. Of course they wind up in the restaurant where the British Lepidopterist from the last episode works, because where else would they go? Unfortunately it ends badly for the moth man, who ends up skewered by the Androgum's knife after a dispute over the check.

In the end, pretty much everybody dies, some very gruesomely. One of the Sontarans in particular gets slowly dissolved into a puddle of green goo by a combination of chlorine bleach and exposure to the malfunctioning faux TARDIS. With all of the bad guys (and a surprising number of incidental good guys) dead, the Second Doctor heads off in his own TARDIS with Jamie while the Sixth Doctor swears to Peri that they are both switching to veganism.

All in all a fine story. Maybe not the best ever, or even the best of the Sixth Doctor era, but it was a perfectly fine visit with some old friends that contained some surprising twists and turns and showed off the beauty of Seville.

But I think the most fun thing in today's viewing was a special feature on the DVD, where a lucky eight year old boy manages to get himself filmed in a special short episode of Doctor Who in which he aids the Sixth Doctor and (incongruously) Tegan, battling against a pair of Sontarans. Sadly, a little more research tells me that this clip was from the show Jim'll Fix It staring deceased and disgraced television host Jimmy Savile.  This feature has been deleted from all pressings of the DVD that were manufactured after 2012, when it was revealed that Savile was a serial pedophile who had abused his celebrity position for decades. So yeah, that bit was fun viewing this morning and then rapidly disturbing this evening as I researched the details.

What a cheery note to end a post on. So to lighten the mood, here's a clip of Moss from The I.T. Crown incorrecting the pronunciation of the Spanish gastronomic tradition of Tapas. 


Doctor(s): Second, Sixth
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Episode(s): The Two Doctors - Part 3
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Weight: 245.40 lbs (five day moving average), net change -61.90 lbs

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