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Crossing the Finish LIne (Again), and I'm Still Alive

Crossing the Finish LIne (Again), and I'm Still Alive

Ok, so, I haven't posted here in almost two weeks. During that time I watched the very last Doctor Who story on the treadmill, meaning that I have now watched every single episode ever broadcast of any official series related to the program. How cool is that. Then I kinda took a week off. Then I watched An Adventure in Space in Time, doing six miles on the treadmill in one session, which was a bit ambitious after taking a week off. I utterly failed to post about either of those things. Now the past two days I have been watching the BluRay reissue of the Fifth Doctor's first season. Rather than back-writing four different posts, I am just going to roll it all up here in one thing so that I am caught back up. You're welcome.


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Crossing the Finish LIne (Again), and I'm Still Alive
3/11/2019 6:09 PM