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Into Orbit and Back in Under Twenty Minutes

Jul 12 2017
Into Orbit and Back in Under Twenty Minutes

I can't even begin to think of anything witty to say about this story today. I watched it, I walked three and a half miles on the treadmill, I want to go to bed.

So let's talk about that. Briefly.

The Ambassadors of Death - Episodes 5 & 6

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

Liz is still kidnapped. She talks the sad-sack scientist there to run back to UNIT and tell the Brigadier everything, but the sad-sack scientists just gets murdered for his troubles before he can talk to anyone. The Doctor still believes the three real astronauts are still up in the orbiting Mars Probe, and he volunteers to go up in another rescue capsule. The bad guy tries to sabotage the launch, but it doesn't work. While in orbit, the Doctor's capsule is captured by a giant spaceship in which he finds the three astronauts. They have all been hypnotized into thinking that they are actually on Earth in quarantine. The aliens threaten to destroy the Earth if their ambassadors are not returned, and the Doctor convinces them that if they let him return to Earth he can sort it all out. Upon his return, while he is in decontamination, he is kidnapped by the bad guy. Seriously, what's with all the kidnapping? Anyway, the gist as far as I can tell is that there is the General who went on a previous Mars mission, and who probably met the aliens and set up this whole thing. Now he has the Doctor back in the bunker with the three radioactive astronaut zombies, and is about the shoot the Doctor in the head.

If I missed anything important it's because I was bored silly. And now I am going to bed. Thankfully there is only one 24-minute episode left of this story for me to slog through tomorrow.


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