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The Day I Met Twelve, Amy, and a Weeping Angel

Jul 29 2017
The Day I Met Twelve, Amy, and a Weeping Angel

This is the second consecutive day without being on the treadmill or watching Doctor Who, but it was so worth it. My wife and I spent the day at Florida Supercon, where I started off by meeting the original Weeping Angel, Sarah Louise Madison. That's her autograph on the right. She was incredibly nice. Next I met the Twelfth Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, and he was just the most spectacularly kind person. He seemed genuinely impressed with this project, and even took one of my business cards. Not that I imagine he will ever look at this website, but he was just so freaking cool and supportive. My last autograph of the day was Miss Amelia Pond, Karen Gillan. It took nearly three hours of standing and waiting, but it was worth it. She was very nice, and wished me luck and encouragement. As for my dear, sainted wife - she went above and beyond today with her patience in my geekiness. She's the real treasure in all of this.

Tomorrow, I will be back at it with The Dæmons. I'll see you then!

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Tootsie Plunkette said:
Just noticed you misspelled Mr. Capaldi's name. But you probably have better things to worry about today.
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Ron Miles said:
Fixed now, thank you!
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