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500 Days, I Mean Years, of Summer

Aug 10 2017
500 Days, I Mean Years, of Summer

The big revelation in today's viewing of the middle third of The Mutants? The planet Solos has no tilt to its axis, meaning the seasons are uniform throughout the planet, and it has an orbit of 2,000 years, which somehow translates to four seasons of 500 years apiece. Don't think too hard about that, the astronomical physics don't really work, but that's all good. So for the entire duration of the human occupation of Solos it has been the same season. But now much, like the anti-Westeros, Summer is coming.

Let's talk about that.

The Mutants - Episodes 3 & 4

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

OK, I'll be honest: I am at a resort on the Las Vegas strip. This evening I could have sat in my room writing a blog post, or I could have sat in the casino playing blackjack. I picked the latter. I did really put in my treadmill time this morning and watched the next two episodes of Doctor Who, but I don't much feel like thinking too hard about it at this point in the night. They were good episode, lots of giant insectoid mutants, a couple good revelations, and no story padding to speak of. I liked them a lot. Tomorrow, I might even have something cogent to say about it. But for tonight, I am going to bed. G'nite.


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