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The Whomobile! It's the Whomobile!!

Sep 02 2017
The Whomobile! It's the Whomobile!!

So, Jon Pertwee was a fan of James Bond type fiction, and in particular the gadgets. He personally commissioned a spaceship-looking vehicle for the Doctor to drive around in, and in today's viewing it shows up as the Doctor forgoes a UNIT jeep in order to use his new wheels to triangulate the location of the hidden power source dredging up dinosaurs. Ultimately the car is only seen onscreen one more time (I think, I suppose I'll find out for sure over the next two weeks). Pertwee kept the car, though, after he retired as the Doctor. And also, by the way, it wasn't just some cheap dolled-up prop. It was fully capable of hitting a top speed of 105mph. Check out this short feature about it:

So anyway, let's talk about today's viewing.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs - Parts 3 & 4

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

Story wise, the main things that happened today were that Sarah Jane Smith was too smart for her own good and got captured when she followed the wrong lead. Or, really, the right one for truth, the wrong one for her wellbeing. Even worse, at first it appears that she has somehow been sent on a colonization spaceship to a new planet. It's pretty clear, though, that she is actually being held in some kind of faked-up setting to believe she is on a spaceship. I gather that the big underlying plot is that the population of Earth is going to be somehow eliminated, and then the "colonists" on these seven "spaceships" will be released onto a newly-purified Earth to rebuild. I also gather that all of the "colonists" truly believe they will be settling a new planet.

As for the Doctor, he manages to find the hidden base but is creatively chased out without seeing anybody. When he brings the Brigadier back to show him, the secret entrance elevator has been replaced with an ordinary broom closet and so the Brig doesn't believe the base exists. The big cliffhanger at the end of part four has the Doctor set up by the bad guys to look like he is the one that has been summoning the dinosaurs. Oops.

As expected, the story sags a bit in the middle like most six-parters, but not too badly. The whole thing with Sarah Jane on the fake colonization ship was a pretty nice swerve. On the whole it is still an enjoyable story, once again despite the dodgy dinosaur effects. It gets bonus points for mentioning the Blinovich Limitation Effect, first talked about in Day of the Daleks, and frequently mentioned throughout the show's long history. In a nutshell, there is a fundamental rule to time travel that you don't get do-overs and you can't cross your own timeline (although the Time Lords have ways to mitigate that given enough energy, which is how the Doctor keeps meeting himself over the years).

As for my workout today, I hit 260 again today after a couple days of being higher. I am really struggling to get permanently below that milestone. On the other hand, this weekend I had to go through my wardrobe and pull out a large stack of pants and shorts that are too large for me and then I had to go shopping for a couple of new pairs of jeans that would fit properly. So, forward motion is happening even if it doesn't feel like it on a daily basis. So that's nice.


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