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The Death of Aggedor

Sep 08 2017
The Death of Aggedor

I'll be honest, I'm a wee bit distracted at the moment because there is a giant Category 4 hurricane headed remorselessly towards my house right now.  The storm proper will reach my location on Sunday evening. If you don't see any entries from me on Sunday or Monday, don't be too concerned. It is virtually certain that we will lose power for some length of time. The good news is that we are far enough inland, and in a sturdy enough location, that I am not fearful for our physical safety. I am genuinely fearful for everyone remaining in South Florida, and along either of the coasts. This is a monster storm that will engulf the entire state both side-to-side and top-to-bottom before it is done. I hope everyone out there stays safe and stays smart.

But anyway, yeah, I did spent my hour on the treadmill today watching Doctor Who. Let's talk about that.

The Monster of Peladon - Parts 5 & 6

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

One of the reasons I really loved The Curse of Peladon was that, at its heart, it was essentially an Agatha Christie mystery. There was evil afoot, there was a diverse cast of plausible suspects, and each was credibly teased as the possible baddie until the villain was finally revealed in the last act. The big problem with The Monster of Peladon is that on the one hand it contains many (if not most) of the same elements as its predecessor, and yet from the very start it only had one character who could possibly be the turncoat. As such, when that person is finally revealed as being the inside man colluding with the Ice Warriors in part five it is not even remotely surprising. It is played as a huge plot twist, but really it had been telegraphed from the very first episode of the story with no other red herrings to distract. So, ho hum.

I would probably feel more charitably about this story if the first one didn't exist. Probably. I feel like I keep saying  each day that it is not a bad story. Especially compared to the previous stupid Dalek story. It's just a real disappointment coming from Brian Hayles. Ultimately of course the Ice Warriors are defeated. The turncoat Galactic Federation scientist tries to escape by kidnapping the Queen, and in the end he is tracked and killed by the real Aggedor. Sadly, in the one truly shocking moment of the story, poor Aggy dies in the effort. I did not see that coming, so at least the story ends on a solid beat. 

And again, Sarah Jane has several great moments in this story and clearly sets herself apart from all of the previous companions. She will never be a Goddess like Barbara, but she is a great character played wonderfully by Elisabeth Sladen. So hey, plusses and minuses to the story. 

Tomorrow I begin the very last Third Doctor story. I am confident that I will get in my treadmill time both tomorrow and on Sunday. The real question is whether or not I will have any power on Monday to finish the Third Doctor's era. Wish me luck.

And seriously, to my Florida neighbors, stay safe out there.


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