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Farewell, Nyssa

Jan 06 2018
Farewell, Nyssa

Honestly I shouldn't have done my treadmill workout today. I feel like crap, I have a headache and sore throat and my chest feels heavy. But I missed yesterday and I didn't want to miss two days in a row. so here we are. Not only did I do the treadmill for an hour, but I also took my son to the Magic Kingdom for several hours because, dang it, I promised him he could see Tinkerbell and take pictures. So here we are, it's barely 7pm and I am ready to crawl into bed and sleep for fourteen hours.

But first, let's talk briefly about Doctor Who.

Terminus - Parts 3 & 4

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

The back half of the story didn't much improve on the first. Nyssa and Turlough remained sidelined from the main story and didn't contribute much of anything. Turlough continued to not be any practical menace towards the Doctor, and the Black Guardian is getting fed up with that situation. The titular Terminus station turns out to actually be the cause of the original Big Bang, having jettisoned a failing engine about to go hyper-critical and somehow throwing it back in time in some way that I didn't really follow (mostly because I didn't really care enough to pay any attention). Nyssa's space leprosy gets cured by radiation somehow. The giant space dog turns out to be a nice guy, once he is freed from slaver, and helps the Doctor prevent Big Bang Two. Nyssa elects to stay behind and use all of her practical scientific training in order to help cure all of the space lepers on Terminus. Tearful goodbyes happen. Roll credits.

It's not an awful story, but it is definitely at the Four to Doomsday end of the Fifth Doctor spectrum. One hopes that the next story is a bit more exciting, what with it being the end of the Black Guardian Trilogy.

I don't even have the energy to make an other particular comments about this story. I gather this is about the time that Peter Davison decided it was time to give his notice. I can't really blame him after this story. 

And on that note, I am going to take some sleepy-time cold medicine and fall into a coma.


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