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Vacation Day Three

Feb 11 2018
Vacation Day Three

My time in Colorado is rapidly coming to a close. As I type this I am sitting at the Denver airport waiting for my flight home. It has been an amazing week. Work-wise, I got a lot out of the conference I attended. Satisfaction-wise, my past year spent on the Time Treadmill paid of in spades as I was able to go out adventuring in the snow and walking up and down steep icy slopes without even being winded. Fun-wise, I got to go snowmobiling at 12,000 feet (that's about ten feet of altitude for every mile I've walked on the Time Treadmill since I started this ridiculous project), and it was incredible. I felt like a James Bond super-villain all dressed up in my snowsuit, balaclava, goggles, and helmet.

Tomorrow I will be back to the daily grind. And back on the Time Treadmill with another damned Dalek story. So I guess I have that to look forward to.

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