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From Keys to Nemesis

Mar 04 2018
From Keys to Nemesis

Today for the first time on this ridiculous project, I actually spent 5 1/2 minutes at a jogging pace on the Time Treadmill. I have been hovering just below my crossover point for a couple months now and I decided it was time to just push myself right over that hump. For the very first time actually running, I think going over five minutes was pretty dang good. I'll keep chipping away at it.

I finished watching the twenty fifth anniversary story today, and noticed something I missed in the first part. Let's talk about that.

Silver Nemesis - Parts 2 & 3

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

All the way back in 1963 (or last March, depending on how you count), a young actress named Fiona Walker made her television debut in the fifth episode of The Keys of Marinus playing Kala, the woman who took Susan hostage and who tried to frame Ian for the theft of the titular Key. Twenty five years later the same actress returned to Doctor Who, this time as Lady Peinforte (the secondary villain of the story opposite the Cybermen). It was a nice, subtle casting choice that honored the history of the show without using any stunt casting.

As for the remainder of the story, it is all pretty straightforward (if needlessly complex). The Cybermen want the titular Nemesis, the Nazis strike a deal with them to help get it, Lady Peinforte has her own round of plotting, and behind it all the Doctor manipulates events to an explosive conclusion, ultimately using the Nemesis to blow up the entire CyberFleet hovering just on the other side of the moon.

Given the giddy weirdness of most of the Seventh Doctor stories so far, this one felt pretty mundane. Not bad by any stretch, and doing quite a bit with the budget it had, but ultimately it felt like it could have been any Doctor's story. That being said, at least Ace did get to blow up the Cybermen's shuttle. So that was nice.

Tomorrow, though, I expect the weirdness to return. The next story is written by Stephen Wyatt, who also wrote Paradise Towers. The next two days should be fun.


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