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There's a Pit. Satan Is In It. That's All I Got.

Apr 07 2018
There's a Pit. Satan Is In It. That's All I Got.

You know, I've been sitting here for almost a half hour trying to think about something to say about today, and I got nuthin'. So let's talk Doctor Who so I can go to bed.

The Satan Pit

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

The gist of the story: The Doctor goes down into the titular Pit to face the titular Satan, while up above on the base Rose and the surviving crewmembers run around in the ductwork escaping the possessed Ood and eventually escaping in a rocket. Once the Beast shows up on screen it is very impressive. Then the Doctor releases the gravitational field, dropping the Beast, the planet, and the escaping rocket into the black hole. Except that a story with a literal Satan also needs a literal Deus Ex Machina, so the Doctor stumbles onto the TARDIS down in the pit as well and rescues everybody (except the poor Ood, and of course the Beast). Happy ending!

Three bits of trivia about this episode: 1) it originally aired on the week of 6/6/06 -- ooh, creepy! 2) In terms of viewership it was the lowest rated episode of  the modern series up until 2015's The Witch's Familiar. Oops. 3) This was actually the last episode that Billy Piper filmed, all of her work from the last three episodes of the season had already been completed months earlier.

I did enjoy it quite a bit, despite my snark. After all the setup of the first part, this second part runs at a breakneck speed from start to finish and continues to be beautifully designed. 

And that's it. I'm sorry, I'm tired, I have nothing profound to say about this one. Good night.


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