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Farewell, Rose Tyler (Finally)

Apr 11 2018
Farewell, Rose Tyler (Finally)

Sometimes life comes up with amazing little synchronicities, perfect little coincidences that come out of nowhere and make you smile. This morning, after doing 130 pushups (holy crap!) and then walking over four miles on the treadmill, I arrived at Rose Tyler's big emotional departure. She walked out onto the beach at Bad Wolf Bay in Norway, the Doctor appeared, and then... the DVD glitched and hung up. I tried to take the disc out and clean whatever smudge was causing the problem, but my sweaty hands only made it worse. So that's how I said goodbye to the Sainted Rose today, by shrugging and thinking, "Ah, well, I remember how it ended. Goodbye."

How it should have ended...


(TARDIS Data Core recap)

Don't get me wrong, this was an excellent season finale. Full of twists and turns, lots of drama, lots of ever-ratcheting threat, and ultimately a neat tidying up of plot lines. The story teases an alliance between the Cybermen and Daleks, which of course never happens. The two forces are at each other's metaphorical throats within thirty seconds of their first encounters, and the Daleks flat out kick the Cybermen's shiny metal asses. There is a big reveal that the Genesis Ark is actually a Gallifreyan prison ship, much larger on the inside, and from which emerge thousands upon thousands of Daleks ready to destroy everything in their path. It's all good stuff, and well executed. In the end, when the Doctor does a Particularly Clever Thing, it is a perfectly executed solution. Granted, one that strands Rose and Jackie over on Pete's World along with Mickey, but that's just fine by me.

And to be fair, the ending on the beach with the tearful goodbye is actually very movingly written. It's just that I could never, ever get past the fundamental concept of the Doctor making lovey-dovey eyes at a teenage girl. It's just so much ick, and completely out of bounds with his character as he has been portrayed for literally decades. I have nothing against Billie Piper, she is a fine actress, but I was just as happy to see her go. 

And then this happens, and all is right with the world:

Donna Noble - best Tenth Doctor companion, and it's not even a close contest. Tomorrow morning is going to be so much fun!


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