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We'd Like To Thank You, Herbert Hoover, For Really Showin' Us the Way

Apr 16 2018
We'd Like To Thank You, Herbert Hoover, For Really Showin' Us the Way

I am virtually certain there is no other episode of NuWho that I have pre-complained about more than Daleks in Manhattan. That is not to say that it is my least favorite modern story (that's a toss-up between Kill the Moon or Sleep No More), but it's the one that not only features the Daleks but exemplifies my frustration with them. How can I miss you if you won't go away?

So let's talk about that.

Daleks in Manhattan

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

This story, set in Depression-era New York City, features a wide array of American accents ranging from passable to truly awful. It also features a guest turn by Andrew Garfield a full half-decade before he would become Spider-Man. He's not very memorable in the role.

Finally, it features four Daleks - none of whom ever shout, "EXTERMINATE!"  It's like, what's the point of being a Dalek if you aren't going to do any exterminating? These four are the Cult of Skaro, who did an emergency time shift to escape the Battle of Canary Wharf during the previous season's finale, and they are behind a lengthy plot that involves turning humans into pig-faced slaves (I have no idea why Russel T Davies is so fascinated by the idea of pig monsters, maybe he once had a bad truffle-hunting vacation to France). Their plot also involves affixing some Dalekanium plates to the top mast of the under-construction Empire State Building so that they can do a whole Frankenstein thing and create a Dalek-Human hybrid. Because, of course.

It's just... not good. When the first Dalek showed up in Dalek it was a chilling episode that was masterfully written. When they came back for the first season finale it was a shocking moment. When they came back again for the second season finale it was somewhat less shocking, but generally well done. By the time Hooverville of the Daleks rolls around it marks the sixth and seventh episodes with them in two-and-a-half years. Seriously, enough already. Even the Doctor is bored with them, he can barely work up a visceral "oh nos they are going to destroy humanity" moment.

I dunno, maybe the bad American stereotypes play better in the U.K.  God knows they must think our British and Scottish stereotypes are wretched. Honestly, though, I just could not care less about the doomed love story between showgirl Tallulah and PigMan Laszlo.  And the fact that the cast list includes an actual credit for "Hero Pig" just sums it all up. Blech.

Tomorrow I will slog through the back half of the story, Wednesday I will slog through The Lazarus Experiment, and then Thursday I can get back to enjoying this project. Honestly, I'd almost rather be watching Planet of Giants right now. At least that featured Barbara Wright, Goddess.


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