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Reverse the Jelly Baby of the Neutron Flow

Jun 04 2018
Reverse the Jelly Baby of the Neutron Flow

You know what you can't do in Florida in the summer? Wait nearly two weeks to mow your lawn. Ideally this time of year it should be getting cut twice per week, but between the constant rain and other priorities I went for twelve days without getting it done. It's done now, but... holy cow that was not fun. I think I may need to tune up my mower this weekend as well..

But enough about lawn care, I also watched Doctor Who today, so let's talk about that.

The Almost People

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

It turns out that Ganger Doctor has a bit of a rough time adjusting, as all of the Doctor's memories of previous regenerations start flooding in. This leads to some nice nods to classic Doctors, and a few garbled phrases, before he stabilizes. Then the Two Elevens team up to try to solve the Ganger/Human crisis. 

It doesn't go well.

The first big reveal happens early in the final act, when it turns out that the Doctor and the Ganger Doctor had deliberately swapped shoes and thus swapped apparent identities in order to genuinely see how people were reacting to each of them. This unfortunately leads to Amy, thinking she is talking to the Ganger Doctor, confiding that she witnessed the Doctor's death. Not surprisingly, he finds this somewhat distressing...

But the really big reveal, once the crisis is over, is that Amy hasn't actually been Amy in a very long time. Not since at least The Impossible Astronaut. The whole reason the Doctor came to this story's location was to try to understand the Flesh, because he had deduced that Amy was really a ganger and that the real Amy was being held prisoner somewhere and was going into labor. It was a genuinely shocking moment, one of truly great reveals in NuWho history. All those times that Amy saw the eye patch lady sliding open panels and looking at her? That was reality peeking through Ganger Amy's consciousness. The final shot of a very pregnant Amy, imprisoned in some kind of medical sarcophagus and about to give birth, is truly horrifying.

It is a testament to just how riveting this story was, in that it is one of the few times I have genuinely forgotten that I was walking on a treadmill. I became so wrapped up in the story I lost all awareness of what my legs were doing. Just good, good stuff.

Tomorrow, then, is the mid-season finale and also features the first appearance of the Paternoster Gang. Yay!! (They really need their own spinoff series.)


Doctor(s): Eleventh
Companion(s): Amy Pond, Rory Williams
Episode(s): The Almost People
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Sit-ups Completed: 0 today, 929 total
How Many Times has Rory Died?: 4
How Many Times has Amy Died?: 2
Is Anything Cool?: Bow ties are always cool
Weight: 250.64 lbs (five day moving average), net change -56.66 lbs

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