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Lad I Don't Know Where Ye Been But I See Ye Won First Prize!

Sep 04 2018
Lad I Don't Know Where Ye Been But I See Ye Won First Prize!

Short post today. I rewatched the last part of Genesis of the Daleks on BluRay and learned a new story. Wanna hear it?

Genesis of the Daleks - Parts 5 & 6

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

(My Previous Watch)

The Doctor struggles with the decision to commit the Genocide of the Daleks, and is ultimately relieved of that responsibility by a wandering Dalek completing the circuit on accident and doing the job for him. As we all know, if there is one thing Daleks are good at it's exterminating things. Including, apparently, themselves. Also, the Daleks murder Davros because he is impure and unclean. And Davros is never heard from again. Roll credits, let's go visit some Cybermen.

So the fun new thing I learned today was that apparently Michael Wisher wore holes in his trousers while operating the Davros wheelchair. It wasn't motorized at all, he had to steer it just like any other Dalek in Classic Who, by scuttling around Fred Flintstone style. But because of how it was constructed, the tight quarters caused constant friction against his pants legs and ruined a perfectly fine set of slack. Therefore, he did the only sensible thing: He wore a kilt instead of pants while in costume as Davros.

If I had any real Photoshop skills, right here would be a picture of Davros in a kilt.

Like this, except good

So now, for the rest of my life, I will always imagine Davros swinging free beneath his control panel, just enjoying the breeze as his pepperpot wheelchair trundles along.

And  on that note, I am going to bed.


Doctor(s): Fourth
Companion(s): Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan
Episode(s): Genesis of the Daleks - Parts 5 & 6
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Push-ups Completed: 0 today, 6,826 total
Sit-ups Completed: 0 today, 1,029 total
Weight: 252.04 lbs (five day moving average), net change -55.26 lbs

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