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When I Think About You I Touch Myself

Sep 25 2018
When I Think About You I Touch Myself

Funny thing, the whole time I was doing my workout today I felt way off from how I did yesterday. Even so, I ended up taking more steps and going slightly further than I did yesterday. I vary my speed up and down during the workout, so I'm never really sure where it's going to end up until very near the end. So yeah, a good workout today. Also a moderately decent episode of Torchwood.

Captain Jack Harkness

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

In today's episode, Jack and Tosh get transported back in time to 1941 via a GiantPlotDevice, and the rest of the story involves the rest of the Torchwood Three team trying to figure out where they went and how to get them back while Tosh leaves clues that will survive 65 years and while Jack makes out with himself.

About that: Yes, the moment that Jack comes face-to-face with the real Captain Jack Harkness, the doomed American pilot whose identity Jack stole, you know that the two of them will wind up kissing by the end of the episode. They surely do not disappoint in that respect.

There is a creepy old guy named Billis Manger who is manipulating events for Unknown Reasons, and who is apparently able to time travel. He is introduced in this story, and is clearly set up to be a Big Bad, but sadly after appearing in the following episode he is never used again. Such a shame.

Oh, and the story has Ianto and Owen sparring off against each other, which culminates in Ianto straight-up shooting Owen in the shoulder. So, that's gonna put a crimp in the workplace dynamic. I'd say that Ianto will need to bring the donuts for the office meetings for a long time to make up for it, but he pretty much always brings the donuts anyway. Looks like he's just gonna have to wait for Owen to die in order to get out from under this one. Which, um...  good news on that front in the near future?

I dunno, I am still finding Torchwood pretty blah. I remember liking it much more the first time around, but it doesn't seem to have aged well. It's not awful (well, aside from Cyberwoman), but it is not as great as it could be. Maybe tomorrow's season finale will wrap up well, I literally remember nothing about it.


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