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Stop at the first sign of trouble. Or the first sign of exploding.

Oct 01 2018
Stop at the first sign of trouble. Or the first sign of exploding.

This morning I managed to up my distance again, if only very slightly. The last time I went this far during a normal 55 minute workout was way back in February right at the peak of my weight loss. It was only a hundredth of a mile further than yesterday, but I'll tell you what -- I fought for that hundredth of a mile. Beast Mode engaged, indeed.


(TARDIS Data Core recap)

If I saw this episode when it first aired, I surely don't remember it. I liked it a lot, though. The whole story was build around the idea of an alien sleeper cell, except much like the Cylons in the Battlestar Galactica reboot, the individuals don't even know they aren't human. The story centers around a young married woman who is the victim of a home invasion robbery in which her husband is critically injured and both robbers are killed. She, however, does not remember how any of it happened. Soon enough the Torchwood Three team figures out that she is, in fact, an alien who has been programed to assimilate as a human and to gather data for the upcoming invasion. The rest of the story revolves around the question of whether or not she counts as being human, since as far as her memory is concerned she is a genuinely kind and decent person who would never knowingly hurt anyone.

Unfortunately, when the team uses some Whatever Science to deactivate her alien signal, that triggers the rest of the cell to awaken and launch a wave of terror which very nearly includes the detonation of ten nuclear warheads secretly buried beneath London. Which, seriously -- bad place to hide your nukes. Of course the cell is defeated and the invasion is stopped, but in the end the young woman essentially commits Suicide By Cop by taking Gwen as a hostage and forcing the rest of the Torchwood team to gun her down to save Gwen's life.

It's strange that I don't remember it, because I really quite liked it. This was written by James Moran, who also wrote The Fires of Pompeii. I like his style, and I am glad to see he also contributed one of the episodes for next season's Children of Earth, but I do which he had done more.

So that's it for today. My challenge tomorrow is break 60 push ups and to best my 55 minute distance again. I am moving back in the right direction, weight-wise, and I am bound and determined to get back under 250 lbs well before Halloween.


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Weight: 257.36 lbs (five day moving average), net change -49.94 lbs

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