One fat geek's SUCCESSFUL attempt to regenerate into a not-so-fat geek by watching the entirety of Doctor Who while walking on a treadmill

I don't suppose we could have a moment of cuddling?

Feb 01 2019
I don't suppose we could have a moment of cuddling?

I had my second day of yoga yesterday, so that was nice. Very very early, but nice. Today I rocked out another four miles on the treadmill while watching some Doctor Who-ish goodness. Tonight I had a performance of a show I am in. Oh, and this morning I produced my very first podcast demo. How cool is that? Life is good. Also, as an aside, today's episode of Class has my absolute favorite title of the entire series, so check it out.

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

Remember how April ended up having her heart shared with the king of the Shadow Kind in the first episode? Well, it turns out that neither of them are particularly enjoying that situation. April keeps having these little fugues where the evil, militaristic behavior of her lonely heart's titular co-owner. Worse, sometimes she manifests a pair of black rocky scimitars whilst in said fugue. This is exacerbated when her deadbeat dad shows up, having been released from jail and in violation of court orders to stay away. This does not go well for him, but at least he walks away from the first meeting instead of being sliced in half. So that's nice.

Oh but the problems work both ways. As April and Ram get up to a little sumpin' sumpin' in April's bedroom, across the void the poor Shadow King ends up in an uncharacteristic tryst with a female advisor. This is... awkward.

While all of that is going on, it appears to be Cherry Blossom Season in London, with pretty little purple blooms raining down like pastel autumn leaves. Except, these blossoms are bloodthirsty and rapidly multiplying, as Miss Quill discovers. Also: the new headteacher at Coal Hill is clearly an alien sent by the same shadowy organization that sent the robot to check up on Miss Quill a few episodes ago. Headteacher Dorothea offers Miss Quill a surprising opportunity to get rid of the parasite in her head that keeps her enslaved to Prince Charlie, and that does not bode well at all.

This being the only two-parter of the series, the episode ends with April somehow using the powers granted by her co-owned heart to heal her paraplegic mother before tearing open a rift in reality and jumping to the Shadow King's realm to claim full ownership of said heart. Of course Ram jumps through the rift after her. So tomorrow's episode will have those two battling the Shadow Kin in another dimension while (presumably) the rest of the ClassCrew battle the Cherry Blossoms of Doom.

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. How on earth did the BBC mess up the marketing of this show so badly that it never got another go-around? It's too late to bring it back now, the main characters are all teenagers who have presumably grown out of the roles, and in any case the BBC has made it clear they have no interest. What a shame, because this is genuinely good stuff. I am bummed I am already halfway through the show.


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