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I'm all in favor of healthy curiosity. I hope yours isn't satisfied too easily. I think you've cured my headache.

Jul 13 2019
I'm all in favor of healthy curiosity. I hope yours isn't satisfied too easily. I think you've cured my headache.

Let's say it all together again:  "Weight loss is an emotional bear trap."  Rationally speaking, I am all good. I am a solid three pounds lighter than I was a week ago. Broadly speaking, in my (emphatically non-medical) experience, roughly two pounds per week is a healthy and sustainable rate. Why, then, am I so frustrated? Because after missing workouts for over two weeks, and then literally getting back on the treadmill and logging two days of agonizingly high numbers, last Sunday I dropped to barely over 270. I knew I was hyper-dehydrated that day, and expected a bounce up the next day, but it didn't. So I figured a goal of getting solidly below 270 by the 15th was a reasonable and achievable thing.  For five consecutive days I kept at it, and my weight crept back up to just over 272. Understand, that's still two pounds lower than where I started after my gap, and a perfectly reasonable number in that context, but it is just so damn frustrating. Then I wound up missing my workout yesterday. I allowed myself the luxury of sleeping in a bit, figuring I would work out on my lunch hour, but then I got called away by a minor emergency with my son (he's fine, it was just a weird allergic reaction that resolved quickly). But all the same, I missed a day, and that didn't help. I was back at it this morning, and then I spent a normal Saturday afternoon out walking the Magic Kingdom with my son, and tomorrow after I work out I also need to mow the lawn, so tomorrow's weigh-in is going to be another hyper-dehydrated one. The low number will be nice, but it won't feal real. Mostly I am just super frustrated with the chart on the home page of this blog. I need to turn that trend line back downwards, and so far it just isn't budging. That is.... maddening. So how about I distract myself with some Blake's 7 talk.


(Blake's 7 Wiki Recap)

Aftermath, indeed. The battle between the Federation and the Andromedans is raging. Star One is destroyed, most of the Federation's military is equally destroyed, the Liberator is critically damaged, and Blake and Jenna have already evacuated. Cally and Vila help an unconscious Avon into a life pod and eject him to the planet below, and then disappear for the remainder of the episode. Vila finds himself planet side, rescued by an Earth woman named Dayna, and being hunted by a group of local warriors. Avon is the centerpiece of the story, carrying around Orac in a suitcase, and forced into an odd and brief alliance with Servalan who has also been stranded on the planet. This is great, great stuff.

Orac is able to reach Zen and the Liberator, which has withdrawn to make repairs, and will be back in about eight hours to teleport up Avon and Orac. In the meantime there is much political maneuvering between Avon, Servalan, and Dayna (as well as her doomed father and equally doomed adoptive sister).

The upshot of the entire thing is that somehow Blake's 7 no longer includes its namesake, and Avon is the lead. Which, frankly, I love. Jenna is also gone, which I am okay with. I didn't hate the character, nor did I love her, she was just kinda... there. I will miss seeing the actress' name in the credits, though, because Sally Knyvette is a freaking awesome name. Also in the upshot, the Federation is in shambles. As one character points out, it is difficult to maintain a military dictatorship when the military has been almost entirely destroyed. Servalan has declared herself President, but it remains to be seen what, if anything, remains for her to be President of.

The episode ends with Avon, Orac, and Dayna being teleported up to the Liberator and finding themselves in the gun sights of a Federation officer named Tarrant, asking them what they are doing on his ship. Oops. I guess maybe tomorrow we will find out what happened to Vila and Cally? I am specifically not looking ahead because I am enjoying the suspense.

Oh, this show is so, so good. I am thoroughly enjoying it, and particularly excited about this new direction. Here's hoping the season lives up to its initial promise.


Episode(s): Blake's 7: Aftermath
Steps Walked: 7,174 today, 4,833,525 total
Distance Walked: 3.30 miles today, 2,507.78 miles total
Push-ups Completed: 00 today, 11,865 total
Sit-ups Completed: 100 today, 7,065 total
Weight: 272.54 lbs (five day moving average), net change -34.76 lbs

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