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There isn't a volcano alive that'd dare to swallow Avon

Jul 15 2019
There isn't a volcano alive that'd dare to swallow Avon

It's another happy day here on the Time Treadmill. My weigh-in this morning came even lower than the one yesterday, which is just lovely. That also means that I am due for a correction tomorrow, but I'll deal with that emotional train wreck when it happens. I was definitely still a bit dehydrated this morning -- I didn't sleep well last night, and this morning I was not able to maintain my previous day's pace. I didn't quite manage to break seven thousand steps, which is a tad frustrating. but on the whole it was a good workout. I am three weeks out from needing to be parading around in my formal business attire at a huge conference, and I am feeling pretty good about that.

As for Blake's 7, the most I can say is that the content of today's viewing did indeed live up to the title.


(Blake's 7 Wiki Recap)

It's good to know that truth in advertising was still a thing in 1979. In case the title alone wasn't clear enough, this episode opens with a a shot of the bubbling lava at the cone of the titular Volcano. Unfortunately, the whole thing goes down rapidly from there. It's not awful, per se -- thankfully I have yet to encounter a genuinely bad episode of this show, it's just a fairly pedestrian and predictable story. The planet is populated by a small group of pacifists led by Alfred from the first three Batman movies. Ok, that's not quite fair, they hadn't come out yet when this was produced. Let me try that again. The planet is populated by a small group of pacifists led by the Celestial Toymaker. And honestly, I am perfectly ready to believe the Toymaker is playing around both in the Blake's 7 and Batman universes.

In any case, the planet itself is strategically located, as as such both the Liberator crew and the surviving Federation forces are vying for an agreement to use the planet as a base of operations. Stuff happens, other stuff happens, and Alfred blows up the planet rather than allow his people to be enslaved and corrupted. He is so committed to Peace that he is willing to detonate a planet-killing nuke. How's that for commitment.

I am sure there were other details in there, but honestly I was pretty bored for most of the run time. Servalan was there, but even she couldn't be bothered to put on a slinky dress and act like a proper Femme Fatale. Instead she just clunks around in a military uniform with giant shoulder pads. She should go back to wearing the jaunty hat.

Hopefully tonight I will get some better rest, and hopefully tomorrow morning will bring a better episode.


Episode(s): Blake's 7: Volcano
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Sit-ups Completed: 100 today, 7,165 total
Weight: 270.84 lbs (five day moving average), net change -36.46 lbs

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