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A bald dwarf shouldn't be too hard to find

Jul 16 2019
A bald dwarf shouldn't be too hard to find

I just got home from a massage, and am ready to just fall into bed. This is going to be a fairly quick one. I mentioned before that I am trying to work my way up to doing 100 push ups (done in five sets with a two minute break between each set). Two days ago I did 65 in five sets of 13, but I broke on the last set. Today I was very pleased to do the 65 without breaking. That means the day after tomorrow I will bump it up to 70 in five sets of 14. At this rate the very soonest that I will get back up to 100 is in another two weeks, but I am skeptical I will hit that. More likely it will be another month or so for me to work back up there. Still, I'm feeling pretty dang good about that. Other than that, I don't have much going on workout-wise, so let's get down to Blake's 7.

Dawn of the Gods

(Blake's 7 Wiki Recap)

The script for this episode was clearly commissioned before it was known Blake and Jenna were leaving the show. As near as I can tell virtually no modifications were made aside from a find and replace of "Tarrant" for "Blake" and "Dayna" for "Jenna". Seriously, Tarrant spends the episode strutting around giving commands and just generally behaving like he is running the show, despite the fact that he is the most junior member of the crew. There is absolutely no reason for Avon to defer to him, and yet it happens on several occasions. It seemed really lazy to me.

The plot involves the Liberator being dragged off course and into an apparent black hole which turns out to be the home of The Thaarn, a mythical figure from the folk tales of Cally's planet. Something something, the Great and Powerful Oz Thaarn hides behind his curtain and orchestrates the capture of the Liberator in order to harvest it for its Herculanium (the fictional strongest metal in the universe, not the sister city to Pompeii). Something something, Cally tricks Thaal and lowers the defenses so that our heroes can take back control of the ship and escape whilst blowing up the black hole.

This is truly a middling episode. Again not awful, but weird with the Tarrant stuff and not much interesting going on. It gets bonus points for taking a break for Servalan, marking the first time in eight episodes she has not appeared. Beyond that it is mostly a big Nothing Burger. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Maybe Servalan will wear another jaunty hat.


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