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Holy Crap, Colin Baker!!

Jul 19 2019
Holy Crap, Colin Baker!!

Ugh. Just... ugh.  I felt like crap yesterday, didn't even work out. I really didn't feel like working out today either, but I forced myself to get it done over lunch. The only good news is that I actually did 70 push-ups without breaking form. That is up from 65 on Tuesday. I expected it to take at least two days to make it through all five sets of 14 without breaking, so I was very pleasantly surprised. This means that on Sunday I will take it up to 75. I am still weeks away from getting all the way back up to 100, but I am on the right track. So that's all fantastic. On the downside, the combination of being sick and missing a day means, of course, that my weight trended back upwards. That is, to put it mildly, frustrating. I keep telling myself that I actually feel great (which I do), and that I deliberately never had any weight target for this ridiculous project (which is true), but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. I feel completely hung up in the low 270's, and that is particularly galling since I originally blasted right through this number nearly two years ago. All I can do is keep going back to my fundamentals, and keep trying to focus more on how I feel physically and less on what number is on the scale. It ain't easy, though.

And then there was today's Blake's 7...

City at the Edge of the World

(Blake's 7 Wiki Recap)

I have really made an effort to keep myself unspoiled on this show as I work my way through it, so it came as a completely delightful shock with the Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker, showed up as the main bad guy in this one. Written by script editor Chris Boucher, this one is a real humdinger. 

It opens with Tarrant being a complete dick to Vila, strong-arming him into teleporting down to a planet's surface in order to complete a deal with the locals to get more Whatever Crystals.That, of course, goes sideways and Vila is kidnapped and taken by force to the titular City at the Edge of the World. There, the Sixth Doctor Bayban the Butcher is trying to break into a locked vault that (he presumes) holds all the riches of the planet within. What with Vila being a master thief, he is put to work breaking open the vault. There's a whole bunch of world-building metaphysical stuff going on with the local populace, and in the course of things Vila winds up getting a little Sumpin' Sumpin' from a pretty pirate lady. 

In the end the local populace gets their prophecy fulfilled and all escape to a new home world; Vila sends his pretty pirate lady of to that new home world; and the Sixth Doctor Bayban the Butcher accidentally blows himself up with a giant laser. Oh, and Vila also comes up with a big pile of Whatever Crystals to power the Liberator. So it's a win/win all around aside from the part where Vila loses his girlfriend. When he laments that it might be his biggest mistake, Orac very helpfully points out that, given Vila's general ineptitude, it was highly unlikely to be his greatest mistake, and that in any case Vila is almost certain to make many more such mistakes in the future. Somehow, Vila does not find that comforting.


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Weight: 271.42 lbs (five day moving average), net change -35.88 lbs

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