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Vegans: The Scourge of the Future

Sep 30 2019
Vegans: The Scourge of the Future

Sundays are rough, man. That's the morning I do my yard work, it follows Saturdays where I spend hours with my autistic son walking the Magic Kingdom, and on Sunday afternoons I do the same again at Epcot. I know, two days every week at Disney World, not exactly a rough gig, but I am here to tell you it is a ton of walking and even in late September it is uncomfortably warm out. So, yesterday I missed a day on the treadmill. But I didn't feel especially bad about it. This morning, though, I was right back at it  I inched up the speed slightly over Saturday, but still didn't try to push the new (used) treadmill up to running speed. It still felt occasionally like the motor was bogging down. I am hoping I can limp this thing along for at least a few months, but I fear I may burn it out sooner than that. We'll see. In the meantime, I wrapped up Assignment 3 for Sapphire & Steel. Who knew it would turn out to be a condemnation of veganism, four decades before it would become so trendy to condemn them?

Sapphire & Steel: Assignment 3 a.k.a. The Creature's Revenge, Episodes 5 & 6

Already I have mentioned that the titles of these stories appear nowhere in the original shooting scripts or broadcasts, the commonly accepted titles were assigned sometime later by fans. The funny thing about this title? I am not on hundred percent certain where the apostrophe should go, whether it should be The Creature's Revenge or The Creatures' Revenge.

Let me explain.

First of all, Naked-Hairy-Butt-Man-Baby finally gets a kind-of name, and is referred to as "the changeling" in these last to episodes. Which, fair enough. After Sapphire does some of her time-turning Whatever magic, the changeling is reversed back down to infant size, so that all works out okay. Silver (who had been disappeared by the changeling) gets reappeared the same way, along with the two parents. The big reveal is that the computer powering the time capsule is actually a living machine, made from the combined blood of all of the animal species' that apparently no longer populate the Earth fifteen hundred years in the future. See, mankind stopped eating animals. Which, cool. But they also wiped them all out because something something I didn't quite follow the logic. But fragments of the animals were kept for some kind of mad scientist experimentation, which led to the time capsules, which led to the current situation.

You see, the combined blood of the animals, (a.k.a. the creatures) was unhappy with the whole being-wiped-out thing, and has decided to trick humans into traveling to the past and then somehow wiping themselves out, thus removing the threat to the animals. Or something. It was a lot of hand-wavy exposition, and I was walking on a treadmill. I probably missed an important plot point. Or not.

So Steel lures the manifested creatures back into the computer system, Silver does some of his Whatever technician stuff, mom dad and baby get transported back to their own time in their capsule, and Sapphire, Steel, and Silver go their merry way.

It was... weird. Not bad, just weird. It was a whole bunch of creepy imagery, wrapped up with some technobabble and elemental wizardry. But Silver was great, so it's all good.

Tomorrow is the first half of Assignment 4, and I don't even know what to expect with this show. Seven more days until I start my second lap on the Time Treadmill, re-watching all of Doctor Who in air-date order.


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