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You told him you were eighteen? You lying cow.

You told him you were eighteen? You lying cow.

I gotta tell you, doing four miles on the treadmill is somewhat harder after you've just finished doing a hundred push-ups and fifty eight sit-ups. I'm not bragging or anything, believe me those push-ups are still very hard-won in the morning, but the last two days of stringing all three together has reminded of of way back when, when I was in the Army. There used to be regular scored tests (I assume they still do it, or something similar) where you were rated on the same three exercises I am doing now. Maybe that's why I have gravitated towards this pattern, since it is familiar and something with which I was successful back then. I entered the Army as a drama & band geek with no sports background, and not surprisingly came out the other side in the best health of my life.  To tell the truth? I am just starting to feel a bit like I did back then. So that's nice.

Oh, and there were Weeping Angels this morning. So let's talk about that.


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