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The *Other* Two Doctors

The *Other* Two Doctors

WARNING: Gross story ahead, you've been warned. So, my adult autistic son had to go to the doctor today. (No, not the Doctor, just a doctor) He is basically non-verbal and can't tell us what is going on, but he gave some signs of having an ear infection and/or a sinus infection. The good news: he didn't have an ear infection. The bad news: that's probably because his ears were so plugged with wax that no infection could penetrate the protective seal. It took ear drops plus a half dozen rounds of irrigation to flush out his ears, and you would not believe the chunky bits that came out. Oddly enough, ever since his doctor visit he has been playing his videos and music at a noticeably lower volume with no prompting. Poor guy. He also had the beginnings of a sinus infection, so now he is on antibiotics to fight that off. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon.


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The *Other* Two Doctors
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