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Let's Hope that Many Hands Will Make the Lights Work

Dec 02 2017
Let's Hope that Many Hands Will Make the Lights Work

What a day. I had two more performances of the show I am in (the second one of which was plagued with minor costume issues and one almost-disaster that turned out just fine). My wife and I got the last of the Christmas decorations down, and she has started putting them up. I keep saying that tomorrow is the day I will put up the outdoor lights, so... maybe tomorrow is really the day? We'll see how late I sleep. I have another matinee performance tomorrow. And yes, I did watch the second half of my current Doctor Who story.

So let's talk about that (briefly).

Meglos - Parts 3 & 4

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

So, I found this story to be a bit more enjoyable than the description might suggest. I mean, it's hard to take it seriously when the plot is that a super-smart space shape-changing space cactus is trying to take over the universe, but it really does mostly work. The Doctor gets captured by the religious folk, and is almost crushed to death as a sacrifice to the god Ti, but of course he is cleared of all suspicion promptly thereafter. The space cactus escapes back to his desert planet with the MacGuffin, there is a bit of drama back and forth, and then in the end the Doctor does a Very Clever Thing and saves the day. Same old same old, but enjoyable enough. It was certainly better than much of the previous season.

Apparently producer John Nathan-Turner didn't much like this story and shuffled it around a lot. It got pushed to the front of the season because it doesn't feature Wesley Crusher Adric, who will make his big debut in tomorrow's story. The two writers for the story were never hired to do another Doctor Who script, which I think is a shame. I mean, the kind of gonzo brain that can come up with a shape-shifting space cactus as the main baddie and then actually make it work? That is definitely the kind of brain that should be writing for this show. Ah well.

It's nearly midnight and I don't have anything interesting to add, so I am going to go to bed now and try not to have nightmares about the arrival of Wesley Crusher Adric tomorrow.


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