One fat geek's SUCCESSFUL attempt to regenerate into a not-so-fat geek by watching the entirety of Doctor Who while walking on a treadmill

What do you think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism, but I think I came up with magician.

Jul 03 2018
What do you think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism, but I think I came up with magician.

Before I get into Doctor Who today, a quick update on my floppy right arm: today was the first time in more than ten days that I didn't spend a good chunk of the day actively noticing my right arm socket. Sure, it's still weak and when I think about it it the muscles under my right shoulder blade feel knotted, but for the first time since June 24th it wasn't screaming at me all day. So I guess that's progress. I am going to keep on with the anti-inflammatories and rest, and hopefully it will keep improving.

As for Doctor Who, today was one of the ones this season that I categorize as "just fine". Not amazing, not anything I would ever specifically go out of my way to watch again, but also not an affront against humanity (that's coming tomorrow). So let's talk about it.

Time Heist

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

As the title implies, today's episode is a bank heist story. Also as the title implies, there is a certain amount of timey-wimey-ness to it. The Doctor and Clara find themselves in a room with a shape-shifting mutant human and a cybernetically enhanced human, and all four of them have no memory of how they got there thanks to memory worms. They each hear a recording of themselves voluntarily accepting the mind wipe, and the mission to break into the vaults of the most secure bank in the universe. The whole thing is orchestrated by a mysterious shadowy character called The Architect (who is obviously the Doctor right from the get-go, even though it takes a solid forty minutes for the story to work around to that reveal).

From there, the Ocean's Eleven Four execute a series of hijinks to break into the Bank of Karabraxos, along the way encountering an enslaved telepathic security alien who detects any guilt and then turns the potential criminal's brain to soup, and they battle wits with the head of security (who turns out to be a clone of the bank's owner.) The whole thing builds to a showdown in the owner's private vault, where the whole thing is revealed to be a rescue mission for the TelepathicBrainSoup alien and it's captive mate. It's a happy ending for everyone.

On the whole it is a perfectly entertaining story. It's always fun when the show tries to embrace other genres, and in this case it does a fairly decent job. A lot of it doesn't hold up to any lengthy scrutiny, especially since the entire story is tautological in nature, but the bank is well realized and the creature effects are nicely done. True, the Doctor continues to be played as shockingly indifferent to human deaths, but that is mitigated by the eventual reveal that two key deaths were never really deaths at all. And, of course, the crux of the story involves showing kindness and mercy to the TelepathicBrainSoup couple, and that is totally Doctor-ish, so it all comes out in the wash.

Tomorrow is Independence Day, which means a day off from work, so I intend to double up again so that I am back on track with finishing on schedule. The downside of that is that half of my treadmill time will be spent crying for mercy as I get my first real contender for Planet of Giants status. So, you know, kind of a mixed bag.


Doctor(s): Twelfth
Companion(s): Clara Oswald
Episode(s): Time Heist
Steps Walked: 7,367 today, 3,367,560 total
Distance Walked: 3.89 miles today, 1,759.83 miles total
Push-ups Completed: 0 today, 6,579 total
Sit-ups Completed: 0 today, 929 total
Weight: 248.38 lbs (five day moving average), net change -58.92 lbs

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