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Now They Know How Many Holes it Takes to Fill the Albert Hall

Oct 13 2018
Now They Know How Many Holes it Takes to Fill the Albert Hall

I didn't intend to take five days off, it just kinda happened. Just that sort of week, I guess. What can you do? But after missing Monday through Friday, on Saturday morning I finally wrapped up the Martha Visits Torchwood trilogy (where she was criminally under-used).

A Day in the Death

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

The framing of this story has Owen sitting on the ledge at the top of a tall building with a suicidal woman, telling her about his day. It's not much of a surprise that, in the end, she decides not to jump. Also, by the end the rehabilitation of Owen is pretty much complete. Turns out that all that was needed to reform him from being a total douche was to turn him into a zombie. Who know?

The main plot involves a rich old dude who has apparently been harmlessly collecting alien artifacts for his whole life. He's on Torchwood's watch list, sure, but he has never done anything nefarious so they have left him alone. When a huge surge of alien energy starts happening at his estate, it's up to ZombieOwen to infiltrate the compound (what with him being ambient temperature and not likely to trip any heat sensors) to find out what's up. Turns out the rich old dude is dying, and the power surge is coming from an alien WhateverDevice that he thinks is keeping him alive. So he and Owen have a heart-to-heart, Owen finally becomes a decent human being, and the rich old dude dies from heart failure.

Oh, and the suicidal lady sees some hope and decides not to jump.

Also, Martha is there for some reason, but she never actually does anything interesting or useful. 

It's not a bad episode per se, and the character arc for Own is nice and all, it's just not especially thrilling or memorable.

The next one, though? Hoo, boy.


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