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Gwen Gets a Little Bit Preggers

Oct 14 2018
Gwen Gets a Little Bit Preggers

I should have taken the day off from push ups. I had unintentionally taken five days off in a row, then done a full workout yesterday. Instead of giving my arms a rest day I went ahead and tired to do another round this morning and wound up doing fewer than I managed the day before. Lesson learned. At least the treadmill workout was good. Oh, and Gwen Cooper finally married Rhys Williams, so that was nice. I mean, aside from the unexpected overnight pregnancy and all the murdering.

Something Borrowed

(TARDIS Data Core recap)

It's the age old story. A boy Nostrovite loves a girl Nostrovite, so they come to Earth to hunt and eat humans and then the boy takes the girl's fertilized eggs and carries them in his mouth while he bites a human host to carry the baby overnight until the girl Nostrovite can rip the child from the host's belly. You know, a simple love story.

Unfortunately the human host in this case is Gwen Cooper, and she gets impregnated on the night before her wedding to Rhys. Of course when she wakes up in the morning and finds herself looking nine months pregnant, she is absolutely determined to go through with the wedding because damn it she loves Rhys and nothing is going to stop her wedding.

I mean, aside from the murdering.

This is just a fun, bloody episode. The alien is a shape shifter, so plenty is made of that. At various points the toothy beast turns out to be Rhys' mom, Jack Harkness, or just a random wedding guest. The poor DJ for the wedding gets mostly eaten by the alien, and while there is a bit of screaming when his remains are found nobody really seems to care. I mean. ultimately once the alien baby is removed from Gwen's belly by Rhys operating Owen's alien WhateverDevice, and Gwen and Rhys finally actually get married, Jack doses the entire wedding party with Retcon so that nobody will remember what happened. So apparently the Torchwood Three crew repair all of the damage to the wedding venue -- including smashed windows, god knows how many bullet holes, blood stains all over the place, etc. -- and everybody just carries on the next day and thinks they got so blind stinking drunk at the party afterwards that they just don't remember the wedding at all. And somewhere the poor DJ's family just sit and wonder where he disappeared to, and spend the rest of their lives tormented by his unexplained vanishing.

Life in Cardiff, folks.


Featuring: Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, Ianto Jones, Rhys Williams
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