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Gwen Gets a Little Bit Preggers

Gwen Gets a Little Bit Preggers

I should have taken the day off from push ups. I had unintentionally taken five days off in a row, then done a full workout yesterday. Instead of giving my arms a rest day I went ahead and tired to do another round this morning and wound up doing fewer than I managed the day before. Lesson learned. At least the treadmill workout was good. Oh, and Gwen Cooper finally married Rhys Williams, so that was nice. I mean, aside from the unexpected overnight pregnancy and all the murdering.

Rhys Finds a Cash Cow

Rhys Finds a Cash Cow

After an off day yesterday, this morning I set another new record for distance in a 55 minute treadmill session. My weight is also continuing to move back in the right direction, so that's good. I've got six and a half weeks to get absolutely ripped for my next cabaret, and I am laser focused on getting there. Or, at least, as close to "there" as is possible. As for today's viewing? Well, it was certainly designed to put me off pizza...


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