One fat geek's SUCCESSFUL attempt to regenerate into a not-so-fat geek by watching the entirety of Doctor Who while walking on a treadmill

I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care - or indeed why it should be necessary to prove it at all.

May 29 2019
I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care - or indeed why it should be necessary to prove it at all.

Another quick one today. Tonight I have my very first ever sitzprobe, and I am all kinds of excited. It is not, as it might sound, an elective medical procedure. Rather it is a musical theatre thing where the singers and orchestra rehearse together for the first time in a show. Every musical I have done previously has been tracked, or at most had a piano accompaniment, this is the first show I have done with an actual orchestra. How cool is that? Anyway, I did watch Blake's 7 today on the Time Treadmill, so let me tell you all about it.


(Blake's 7 Wiki Recap)

Meh. After a solid first six episodes, the show has hit a bit of a mid-season slump for me. Today's plot was right out of the Star Trek playbook. A pair of women with god-like powers are the last survivors on a planet ravaged by war. They pluck Blake and his nemesis Travis down to the planet and force them into a hand-to-hand duel to the death in order to teach them some kind of lesson about the true cost of war or some such. At the climax, when Blake has the opportunity to kill Travis, he instead puts down his club and walks away. It is not only a move I saw coming from a million miles away, it is a move I see onstage in my current show four nights per week. Ho hum.

Pretty much the only interesting things in the episode were: 1) The one god lady was very lithe and sexy, and wearing a shirt that might as well have not been there at all -- every time she was on screen I couldn't help but think it must have been cold on the set where they filmed.  2) This episode marks the first appearance of Mutoids. They had been mentioned in previous episodes, but here for the first time we see Travis with a crew of genetically-modified humans who apparently survive by consuming plasma and who act as unemotional robotic soldiers. They are apparently previously normal humans who have undergone a surgical procedure to wipe their memories and augment their strength and stamina. Good stuff.

And that's about it. I hope tomorrow's episode is better. But speaking of better, I am extremely pleased with my weight trend. So that's nice. I missed my weight training workout this morning because I chose to sleep instead. Have I mentioned I am in a show? It is really wiping me out. But even with missing that, I continue to feel energized and on point with where I am going. 


Episode(s): Blake's 7: Duel
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Sit-ups Completed: 0 today, 6,665 total
Weight: 264.62 lbs (five day moving average), net change -42.68 lbs

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