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Ten Thousand Push-Ups

Ten Thousand Push-Ups

This ridiculous project has had a fair amount of ups and downs. The first year was pretty much a consistent free-fall in weight, and then I added strength training. I can't with a straight face look at that graph over there to the right and claim the entire bounce-back has been from building muscle mass, but at the same time I don't feel at all bad about finding a balance between how much I want to work out and how much and what I want to eat. I am not training to be an athlete, I just want to feel better than I used to. I have accomplished that in spades. Case in point: as of this morning I have now done a cumulative ten thousand push-ups. When I started I could barely do three. Now pretty much at any time I could drop and do twenty without breaking a sweat, and I consistently do a hundred (in five sets of twenty) during every other workout. I am damn proud of that, especially as a middle-aged guy over fifty with no sports experience. I got me some guns!

Something Stinks, So You Blame the Dog

Something Stinks, So You Blame the Dog

I have been at this ridiculous project for nearly two years now, and K9 just might be the show that breaks me. I missed a workout yesterday explicitly because I just couldn't work up the will to get on the treadmill and watch two more episodes. I am not even halfway through it. The other day I contemplated other shows targeted to the same age group that I enjoyed better, and frankly Big Bad Beetleborgs came out ahead of K9. Sure, Beetleborgs is childish and cartoonish (as you might expect from a show that features bad knock-offs of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers teamed up with bad knock-offs of classic Universal monsters plus a ghost that is supposed to be inspired by Elvis but comes across as more of a Jay Leno riff). But at least Beetleborgs was entertaining. Here, just watch the opening credits, that will tell you everything you need to know about the show.

Ok, so getting back to K9...

Whatever you are, I'm sure we can work this out like reasonable human

Whatever you are, I'm sure we can work this out like reasonable human

So, I had intended to move directly from Shada to the Australian K9 series. I watched most of The Sarah Jane Adventures as streaming episodes on Amazon, and I had looked to see if they had K9 as well, which they did. I thought. Three days ago when I went to pull it up, I discovered that although there was an entry for it there were no actual episodes -- only a "where to watch this" message that was no use. So I had to break down and actually buy the entire show on DVD (which was mercifully cheap). It arrived yesterday, so this morning I dove into it. Weep for me.


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